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It is a story of how a vulnerable teenage girl on holiday in Greece with her mother was trafficked into the sex industry and spent six years as a prostitute — in brothels, on the streets, in dingy hotel rooms — before finally making her escape from a life of relentless physical and sexual abuse. Cocooned from the outside world, she began to feel safe enough to confide in some of the staff about what had happened to her. The charity got in touch with Megan. Robotic is the right word. DrTuber Raylin Ann 8: Beeg Harlow Harrison

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The owner of that brothel closed up early when he saw how ill she was.

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I was sold into sexual slavery

Forced to fuck by another woman. In a different life, she would have liked to have studied English literature at university. She was also ashamed. She turned to alcohol as a crutch. This is because 11 years ago, at the age of 14, Megan was trafficked into the sex industry.

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