Fuck the certain price of goods

I still think Racist Park is my fave bit of Chinglish, as it turned out to be a pretty honest name for the tacky "happy clappy song-and-dancey" minorities theme park it was advertising. Nearly all of the PRC students at the University of Pennsylvania have brought theirs with them, although they realize that Jinshan Kuaiyi usually produces English that is laughable. Also, for the sake of linguistic science, I just dug up an old CD of Kingsoft and installed it. In the database, the title of the article was translated into English as: I meant no thanks.

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Loewen agrees that personalised pricing carries as many dangers as opportunities for retailers.

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How much …? The rise of dynamic and personalised pricing

It is real, and now -- though it remains thoroughly deplorable -- I think I understand how it happened. The notion that machine translation would miraculously be fixed by a reversion to traditional characters is totally laughable: The simplified characters only make sense within their original context - as a step on the way to the complete elimination of Chinese characters. I'm just amused by the silliness of including English to make things clearer to people who don't read Chinese, but then having the English be of such poor quality that the Chinese characters makes more sense. I'll try to dig it up tomorrow. In Hong Kong our translated English signs don't contain that problem as we still use traditional Chinese.

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fuck the certain price of goods
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fuck the certain price of goods
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